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»Working together for over 25 years with companies from various lines of business showed us that the potential is the know-how of the employees. That's why we developed the 446 Methode®, our approach to involvement, and systemic process management.«


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Andreas Staub
CEO • Isonet AG

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With our 446 Methode, we optimize processes holistically, because no process stands isolated. Our analysis offers you insights and shows the potentials.

The systemic vision offers
  • insights into grown structures
  • identification of potentials
  • basis of decision
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Together with your employees, we consider all relevant elements that affect or are affected by your processes. Affected people turn to be participants, your company's knowledge is activated and synergies become visible.

Open means progress
  • promotioning communication
  • creating transparency
  • gaining an overview
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We merge your processes into process chains and link your departments as well as your teams. The integration of reliable tools in your services increases efficiency.

Promote and bring together
  • digitized and connected processes
  • networking knowledge carriers
  • creating free spaces
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You are provided with a global overview of your value chains and improve your service quality. Automated routines and interfaces between systems create scope for innovation.

Designing the future
  • flexible and dynamic process chains
  • market agility
  • team spirit


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Success through participation

Motivation comes from being part of the company's development and the possibility to co-design. Your employees’ know-how is the basis for innovations and the automatization of your processes on the 446 Plattform®.

We are happy to advice you, to develop and integrate your processes with you and supply the software for the digitalization from a single source.


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